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About us
About us
Cryptocurrencies have the potential to play a central role in the future of financial services. As they grow in adoption, our financial system is poised to evolve from one that relies on a handful of large centralized institutions, to one that instead relies on millions of peers within a globally distributed network.

BitcoinSpace is transforming the way people buy cryptocurrencies to make it easy to use them and discover their benefits. Use our escrow service or contact us directly to place secure orders.

BitcoinSpace is built on trust. Trust is the sum of every interaction our customers have with us as a company. It requires us to be top class at technology, flexibility, compliance, customer support and privacy.

Invest with us
BitcoinSpace is always interested in raising additional working capital to fund large volume of daily transactions and satisfy customer demand. You can invest with us any amount starting from 20 000 USD. On average, you can earn up to 5% monthly returns.
Principal-protected investment
Principal-protected investment with BitcoinSpace guarantee to return, at a minimum, all invested principal. The potential to obtain attractive returns is high and depends on market demand and duration of your investment. Longer term investments offer higher returns due to reinvestment strategy.
All investments come with exposure to risk. Investors need to understand the risks associated with an investment to make prudent investment decisions. When investing with us you need to consider two main risks: the risk of a zero return and cryptocurrencies price fluctuations.

We try our best to mitigate both risks. We have an established customer base buying large volume of cryptocurrencies daily.

To manage cryptocurrencies price fluctuations, we follow certain rules. First, we purchase large amount of cryptocurrencies only when we have a confirmed transaction by implementing block trading rules. On other occasions, we limit our positions according to the demand we see at a given time point. Secondly, we never hold overnight positions and liquidate our stock should the price decline over 2%. Thirdly, we buy cryptocurrencies only at below market rates.

We are never short of trade requests. You can help us grow our business further and potentially earn significant returns.
Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.